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Just two [16 Jan 2006|07:56pm]

The bases are by despised13


major prayer request! [17 Jul 2005|09:40pm]

this is kinda long, but i appreciate it if you read it all.

so back in November, my friend Rebecca died. my friend Allie was very upset about it and then she got kicked out of her house. our friend Heather decided that she should move in with her. things went fine for a while. then one day, Allie, Heather and I got in a huge fight. huge huge huge fight. they started beating each other up. Allie ran out of the room and took her razors and ran to the bathroom. she locked herself in there but, Heather's mom got her out of there after a couple minutes. Allie didn't cut herself bad. they were mostly just light scratches. they sent her to Spring Harbor (a mental health rehab kind of place near where we live). she got out after a week or two because she convinced them that she was fine.

Allie went to live with her dad in Virginia. she was gone until a month ago and everyone was so excited that she was home, since we hadn't seen her in 6 months. everyone was friends again. she had originally planned to live with her friend Tina, but it didn't work out. she was at her parents house for a week i think. then she went to live with our friend Danie. they were fine, but Danie was getting annoyed with her. this morning around 3 am, Allie flipped out again. Danie and another one of our friends, Mugg, was there. Danie's little sisters were sleeping, thank God, so they didn't know anything about it. Danie's dad, younger brother, and they went to Heather's house because they didn't know where else to go. they called Allie's parents but they didn't care that much. they called the cops because they didn't want to go in the house because Allie is crazy. the cops took her to Spring Harbor again. they let her out after 3 hours. she's living with her aunt and uncle somewhere now.

please pray for everyone involved with this. Allie has really bad influences in her life and she needs Godly people. i was actually thinking about her at church tonight, right before i heard about this. it's really sad to know someone like her. she's a beautiful person when she's not going crazy and i love her to death. but she needs help.

i thank everyone for all prayers. ♥

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